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Maison Melo's website is a splendid showcase of their home organization service, featuring an interactive user experience and a modern, luxurious design.

Project Challenge

Our goal was to create a website that reflects Maison Melo's commitment to improving spaces through optimized systems and stylized aesthetics. We wanted to showcase their attention to detail and system design while providing an intuitive e-commerce experience for their customers.

Design Approach

Our Method
To achieve Maison Melo's objectives, we adopted a design approach that emphasized the impact of before and after sliders, allowing users to see the transformation of their spaces. We also focused on creating a fast and intuitive e-commerce experience with responsive, functional, and well-filtered pages. The modern and luxurious black-and-white color palette, along with a slightly less formal typeface, gave personality to the website and helped convey Maison Melo's brand identity.

The Solution

The final result
The result is a stunning website that showcases Maison Melo's home organization service in a visually appealing and highly functional manner. The interactive user experience, before and after sliders, and intuitive e-commerce features make it easy for customers to engage with the brand and purchase their services. The modern and luxurious design, along with attention to detail, reflects Maison Melo's commitment to excellence and their dedication to enhancing spaces.

Web Experience